Tuesday, October 20, 2015

video update loading to youtube aswell

So as of lately i've been doing nothing but stressing i am a single mother of 1 and i do not get extra help with cash other than what i do for work and what little i make on here

i am looking for more business so if you have ideas please send them my way.. but if your willing to help me out even if its a few bucks please send any gifts via paypal
to sexycolorfullfeet@yahoo.com

my current issue is the last person i tried to date stole from me he stole money and medication that my son needed he stole it to make some cash and then didnt come home after getting caught up

so he ran up bills and no i dont want to sink help me stay afloat and keep me sailing :(


  1. Hello my name is ezoa ik its hard to pronounce but anywho idk the state you live in but i do kno someone who can help you get more youtube buz so tht you can get a lil more extra cash but just let me kno now it deals with tickling so idk how you feel about tht let me kno tho ill be checking to see if you got this ill give you my cell when you see this and respond

    1. Im from chicago close to the down town area so you kno