Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hello......... Everyone i am taking the time to right you guys its thursday and i'm pulling my last double at work and just switching over to days and part time weekends so i still get paid a reg. check but  as sweet as my job is the pay isnt enough

As some of you know my beloved Org. Goddess Gloomy Coup was ran into on friday at 8a.m which was on my way to work with my lil guy in the car it was Not horrific but i am currently trying to get the ladys insurance info who hit my car...

Com on i was stopped at a stop light?? why run into my p.o.s car?? i don't know now my bumper is all fucked up and I've been annoyed since my frame is dented so now my trunk probably wont ever shut correctly again i had to zip strap her shut :( and my heat keeps going in an out sadly we almost made it to our 1yr anniversary and was going to get the perks done tune up ect. but now its not worth it.. hoping the insurance pays out I'll buy my car back and be able to pocket the rest just wont ever be able to SELL my car due to it being technically totaled.

Above photo what my car looked like during the summer all pretty and sweet like and now what her poor poor booty looks like :(
bitch said sorry but i dont think sorry is enough
hit it hard enough to knock paint off fucken cold weather arg... there was paint left over on the st. 

but yeah i still take the same way to work no worry's and i can still drive it i had to temporarily Frankenstein my car with self tappers and two sided tape Oh well i guess

So i have an auction up on ebanned a few actually to help fund the repairs or to go towards a different car!!

I Accept a range of online payments all you have to do is ask how!!!

email me @  

ttyl my lovelys
going to take a nap

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