Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ug update

Hello all my followers thought i'd give you guys and update. actually have two days off from work so i'll be able to update you guys with videos

anyways i'm just waking up and i look like hell HAHAHA anyways socks on ebanned doing very well
remember i'm gloomygirl_87 and i'm letting you know if the bid goes up more before xmas i'll include a disc of xmas themed photos of my feet and socks!!!

anyways your probably wondering whats with the photo
this is a picture of one of my shitty tattoos that i wish to get covered up as an xmas gift , its a stupid lame ass tattoo that matchs my ex's who is the father of my son and well i think its time to get it t hide under something kick ass and i have the perfect idea to what i want to get it covered with but lack  the funds so if anyone wants to help me with raising the money for that , i think that would be the best xmas gift ever...

or to help pay for a belt for my car while i was driving it .. heat went out kinda sucks kinda need that belt on my motor

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