Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good morning my lovelys

LISTENING TO : RHCP - Brave From Afar 

So you all know i'll be attempting to open a clips4sale store or Images4sale store also gotta figure it out
in all recent news my Car desided to fuck up on me while i was driving home from picking my son up from school my Clutch desided to stop working .. think i have a leak in my line some where but going to figure it out hopfully its nothing to costly because i'm on a fixed income at the moment because i hate to say it you guys are slacking on helping your goddess out..

Good thing i know someone who was able to throw my pumkin onto the flatbed and drive her home for cheap..

anyways wanna help with that or my storage bill thats due on the 3rd i'm wanting to close my locker but need to sell the shit i dont want and give away the abandoned things that no one wanted to come get let me know..

if you didnt know i have two knew videos up at the moment on Youtube

PediEgg and toe cracking

BatPig face invaded 

anyways will be getting ready for work keep a look out for my auctions on
remember i'm gloomygirl_87

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