Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well worn blue fila socks one bay

Hello everyone, i have an auction on ebay right now because i was screwed over by ebay some crazy lady bought a gucci purse from me and says it was all tore up and it wasnt she screwed with it and returned it so i'm not soo thrilled right now she wants a refund of 150.00 when it clearly says no returns no refunds!!
and ebay snatched the 150 from my bank account and screwed me over rorally now i'm over drafted

and i'm getting kicked out again which is starting to get really annoying i just got a job with a maid service so things were looking up and now bad news gotta move again so i dont know me an my son are going to have to do the rent a room thing or at least try to because i dont know how to get enough money to move into an appartment before my 1st paycheck but all donations can please temperarely go to my Other paypal which is because paypal like i said screwed me over and fucked up my bank account.

but in todays events i went to my step moms bday party and played in a mood bounce thing with these socks did a lot of walking and went to a forest that had a 1 in a half trail and a stair case thing that went on the side of a steep hill that had over 150 steps so these socks have seen alot of walking as of lately.!! so check out my sweet funky socks on ebay !!!


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