Friday, July 6, 2012

stressed out red toes

Okay to those who buy from me on ebay an ebanned i'm going to tell you all whats going on.
on the 2nd of july my sons father finally stuck up for himself and had some pussy from a wanna be dog kennel that is retarded desided to hit in him the face twice . and my oh so lovely sister thinks this is all some big fucking game.
all my items that i have for sale are currently stuck at the house i was living because my selfish sister doesnt want to give me and my sons belongings.
alright and i hope she knows this is the last straw i have had it and i will be handling it and getting my things back ! so me an my kid were kicked out from where we are staying so if you want to know anything else we are just seeking any and all forms of help and donations to threw paypal or walmart money center any and all emails for more info can please be sent to ti can also recieve msgs threw yahoo messeger

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